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What Can Cause a Flare of Lupus

What Can Cause a Flare of LupusLupus is one autoimmune disorder that can attack many parts of the body easily. In the active stage of Lupus, patients are more likely to suffer from various disorders. What can cause a Lupus flare? Making clear the answer can help manage Lupus very well.

1. Sunlight or ultraviolet light: This is one common trigger for lupus flare, and sunlight or ultraviolet light can induce lupus rash and some other severe lupus symptoms easily.

2. Infections: Immune disorder can increase the risk of infections, which in turn can stimulate the immune system. As the immune system is stimulated, Lupus will be flared easily.

3. Pregnancy: Lupus is one common disease among women at the childbearing age. However, if patients decide to get pregnant, Lupus is more likely to flare during patients' pregnancy or after the birth of a baby.

4. Stress: A lupus flare is often to trigger by stress, either emotional or physical, so Lupus patients had better try to learn how to make themselves relax and avoid overwork.

5. Changing medications: It is reported that certain medications and supplements are shown to cause lupus flares. In view of this, if patients decide to start or stop a new drug, they should consult their doctor carefully.

Now, we have known what causes a Lupus flare and worsens patients' illness condition. Then, Lupus patients should try their best to avoid these risks and accept effective treatments to manage Lupus timely and actively.

Steroids and Plasma Exchange are two therapies used widely to treat Lupus. Steroids work through inhibiting the immune system, while Plasma Exchange is taken to remove immune complexes and cleanse the blood.

At present, one great therapy called Immunotherapy is preferred by more and more Lupus patients to regulate their immune system and remove immune complexes, so Lupus can be treated from the root. To determine which one is best for you, you can consult the doctor online in detail.

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