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Healthy Recipes for Lupus Nephritis Patients with Creatinine 3.9

Healthy Recipes for Lupus Nephritis Patients with Creatinine 3.9Lupus Nephritis is kidney inflammation caused by systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). It is autoimmune disorder and can lead to significant illness and even death. If you are searching for health recipes for Lupus Nephritis patients with creatinine 3.9, you can find what you want here.

Recommended foods for Lupus Nephritis

Lupus is an inflammatory disease. So it’s possible, though not proven, that foods containing rich inflammatory properties could help Lupus Nephritis. Recommended foods contain fish, nuts, ground flaxseed, canola oil, and olive oil.

On the opposite, saturated fats may contribute to inflammations and should be limited. Foods like fried foods, commercial baked goods, creamed soups and sauces, red meat, animal fat, processed meat products, and high-fat dairy foods.

One more thing you should be concerned is the potassium and phosphorous amount in the above foods. As for detailed suggestions, you can send test report to us at And our doctor on duty will reply you in 24 hours.

Medication to lower creatinine 3.9

Only healthy recipes are not enough because they can do nothing to improve kidney function, which is the key to lowering creatinine 3.9. Your doctor may give you some medicines to control complications or symptoms, but cannot help you repair damaged kidney tissues. In that case, I recommend you to take Immunotherapy.

This therapy has six steps: Exact diagnosis, immune blocking, immune adjustment, immune clearance, and immune protection. It can help patients restrain inflammations and dissolve and remove immune complexes. Those harmful substances cause ischemia and anoxia inside kidneys, leading to kidney function damage. As a result, creatinine builds up inside the body, affecting many organs and systems.

Used for Lupus Nephritis, Immunotherapy is very natural and effective for patients. Unlike over-the-counter medicines that may damage kidneys, Immunotherapy is based on traditional Chinese medicines and can protect and improve kidney function. If you are interested in it, be free to contact with us!

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