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Lupus Nephritis Symptoms

Lupus Nephritis and Protein Urine: Reverse Protein Urine With Natural Treatment

Lupus is a disease that relate to autoimmune. When it happens, the immune system attacks its tissues, causing inflammation, swelling, pain, and damage. Advanced lupus will develop into kidney...[Read More]

Lupus Nephritis: SLE and It’s Alternatives in Natural Treatment

Lupus nephritis is a histological evident in most patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), even those patients who without clinical sign of renal disease. Which treatment can be used in this s...[Read More]

Improve Back Pain in Systematic Lupus Nephropathy with Natural Treatment

Systematic Lupus is a kidney disease that has red bugs grow in face. Most patients can not enjoy sunshine because of allergic. Is there a natural treatment that can help release complications of lupus ...[Read More]

Can Lupus in Nephritic Syndrome Get Improved with Natural Therapy

Lupus is a name of a serious diseases. Today, we will talk about systemic lupus erythematosis, SLE. SLE is an inflammative desmosis related to unknown autoimmunity and involvement of several visceral o...[Read More]

What Happens If Creatinine Level Is High in Lupus Nephritis

Creatinine level in clinic is an indicator to reflect how well your kidneys are working well. For healthy people, creatinine level is generally kept in 0.5-1.2mg/dl by the healthy kidneys. However, for...[Read More]

How Itchy Skin Occur in Lupus Nephritis Patients with Dialysis

Quite a number of Lupus Nephritis patients complain that they suffer from itchy skin after dialysis, which make much pain and impact their life largely. Well then, few patients know the causes. So they...[Read More]

Is the Cough Associated with Lupus

The cough is still persistent since I was diagnosed with lupus, even though I went to see the doctor three times. Is the cough associated with lupus? I get the question from one patient who consult our...[Read More]

Treatment to Lower High Creatinine 720 for Lupus Nephritis

Lupus Nephritis is one autoimmune disorder that can cause kidney filters to fail to work gradually. As extra creatinine cant be eliminated out of the body successfully, serum creatinine level will incr...[Read More]

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