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Preventions And Complications of Nephritis

Preventions And Complications of NephritisNephritis, or glomerulonephritis, refers to an immune-system mediated disorder characterized by inflammatory reaction in the “blood-cleaners”. In this article, you will learn more about the preventions and complications of this disease.


1. Diet management To lower the burden of damaged kidneys, it is necessary to pay much attention to the foods they eat. In general, the diet should be light in principle, and they can eat some fresh fruits and vegetables to supply enough vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Additionally, they are not suggested to eat contaminated foods. For detailed info, you are welcomed to email to immediately!

2. Avoid fatigue and take moderate exercises In normal life, people can take some moderate physical activities to strengthen their immunity and accelerate the excretion of acid materials.

3. Follow a healthy lifestyle To prevent the onset of nephritis, it is of great importance to kick the bad habits, such as, smoking, drinking and so on.

4. Take regular check-ups To know how the kidneys are working, people can take some regular check-ups, for example, blood test, urine test, kidney function test, kidney biopsy, CT scan, B ultrasound, MRI, etc.


■ Anemia In the advanced stage of nephritis, the renal parenchyma and blood system can be easily affected, which manifest as anemia, abnormal platelet function, etc.

■ High blood pressure According to the statistics, the incidence of high blood pressure in chronic nephritis is as high as 80%. If not treated well, the risk of presenting other cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis, carditis, etc will be increased. For people undergo renal replacement therapy, nearly everyone has hypertension.

■ Infections Infections can cause the attack of chronic nephritis easily. And the onset of infections is associated with a range of factors, such as, a large loss of protein, malnutrition, immune dysfunction, etc.

After the above analysis about the preventions and complications of nephritis, we sincerely hope you have learned a lot. Any follow-up questions, please resort to our Online Doctors!

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