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Diet Plan for Kids with Glomerulonephritis

Diet Plan for Kids with GlomerulonephritisGlomerulonephritis is one condition that causes inflammation in glomeruli, kidney filters. It can occur at any age including kids. A right diet plan can help manage glomerulonephritis for kids.

Firstly, limit the intake of sodium

Sodium usually exacts as the form of salt, because it can help regulate how much fluid to build up in the body. When glomeruli are inflamed, kidneys are unable to remove excessive fluid from the body, so as to increase blood volume and blood pressure. Patients with glomerulonephritis may have swelling and high blood pressure easily. To ease these symptoms and complications, kids are suggested to limit their sodium intake and avoid high-sodium foods including processed meats, salted snacks, canned foods, and so on.

Secondly, take in correct amount of protein

Protein is one essential nutrient for glomerulonephritis patients, but extra intake of protein will produce more waste products to tax kidneys. If patients’ blood urea level is normal, they are suggested to take in 0.8g/kg body weight every day. Besides, they should also choose high-quality protein such as fish, egg white, milk and lean meat.

Thirdly, control the fluid intake

If glomerulonephritis is characterized by swelling and high blood pressure, patients should make clear how much fluid to take in every day. In addition to water, beverage, juice, soup, and so on, should also be added into fluid intake.

Lastly, modify potassium and phosphorus intake

With the progression of glomerulonephritis, affected kids may be tested out with high potassium and phosphorus levels. To reduce potassium and phosphorus levels, patients should pay attention to eating phosphorus-containing or potassium-containing foods.

The above are only some basic dietary suggestions for patients with glomerulonephritis. To get some individual advices for your child, you can consult the online doctor directly or leave a message below.

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