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Protein in Urine? Be Careful of Glomerular Nephritis!

Protein in Urine? Be Careful of Glomerular Nephritis!Acute glomerular nephritis is a kind of primary glomerular nephritis which has the clinical symptoms of acute nephritic syndrome. Generally speaking, it could be caused by streptococcus infection. Sometimes also could caused by other bacteria, viruses, and parasites infection. So what are the symptoms of glomerular nephritis? Now let us introduce those symptoms for you:

Blood or protein in urine

Almost all glomerular nephritis patients have glomerular hematuria. About 30% patients have gross hematuria which is the reason why patients went to hospital for consultation. Few patients would appear protein in urine. Without blood cells, patients also could see white blood cells and epithelial cells increase in the early stage.


Edema is also a early symptom of acute glomerular nephritis. Patients would appear eyelid edema or mild edema of lower limb, a few serious patients would appear swelling whole body.

High blood pressure

Many patients would appear high blood pressure which is related to sodium and water retention. The blood pressure would become normal after diuretic. The serve patients need check their condition regularly and pay attention to their diet.

Kidney function abnormal

The urine volume and glomerular filtration rate would be reduced, but kidney function could recovery after diuretic. However, there are very few patients would appear acute kidney failure which need be divided with acute nephritis.

Congestive heart-failure

Sodium and water retention and hypertensiton would lead to congestive heart-failure, which would danger patients’ life if patients cannot get the proper treatments in time.

The symptoms of nephritis in the early stage is not very obviously, so patients need go to the hospital in time if feel uncomfortable.

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