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Nephritis Treatment

Nephritis: Is There Side effects of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Many patients with kidney disease or nephritis consulted us about micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy. They want to try this natural remedy for they have no better choices, except Dialysis or Kidney Tra...[Read More]

Nephritis Is Treated Effectively Without Dialysis

Nephritis can cause severe kidney damage and elevate creatinine level. When creatinine level is high, your doctor may tell you to prepare for dialysis. However, more and more patients want to reject di...[Read More]

Can Exercise Prevent Nephritis

Can exercise prevent nephritis? Every day patients ask us various questions. How about this question? Is exercise good or bad for nephritis? Patients with nephritis are advised to avoid strenuous activ...[Read More]

How Do We Help a Dilated Kidney

A dilated kidney or enlarged kidney has its underlying cause. How do we help a dilated kidney depends on the cause, symptoms and patients own condition. Here is a general introduction. Any questions, y...[Read More]

How to Reverse Chronic Glomerulonephritis

Glomerulonephritis has two common types: acute and chronic. Since the later form is more severe than the former one, we would like to introduce how to reverse chronic glomerulonephritis here. Chronic g...[Read More]

Home Remedies for Chronic Glomerulonephritis

Chronic glomerulonephritis may aggravate into kidney failure gradually, if uncontrolled effectively. Useful home remedies can help manage this kidney problem successfully, so patients can try the follo...[Read More]

A Natural Remedy for Glomerulonephritis

Glomerulonephritis is also called by nephritis. Hematuria, swlling, proteinuria, high blood pressure, abdominal distension, and so on, are common symptoms of glomerulonephritis. Is there a natural reme...[Read More]

Hot Compress Therapy for Chronic Nephritis

Chronic Nephritis affects many patients health condition all over the world, and patients may have proteinuria, swelling, high blood pressure, and so on. Hot Compress Therapy is also called Micro-Chine...[Read More]

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