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Which Vegetables Can Be Eaten By Nephrotic Syndrome Patients?

Which Vegetables Can Be Eaten By Nephrotic Syndrome Patients?Which vegetables can be eaten by nephrotic syndrome patients? Vegetables are the food that people must eat, but to the nephrotic syndrome patients, not all vegetables can be eaten. Now let us tell you which vegetables can nephrotic syndrome patients eat.

Benincasa hispida

Benincasa hispida, which has the function on activating kidney. In summer, excessive sweating would make much nutrient be removed so that people usually feel tired. However, nutrient could continue to stay in our bodies if water can be removed with urine.


Lettuce is rich in sugar, carotene and vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E and calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, iodine and other minerals. It can help people increase vascular tone and promote diuresis. Lettuce also can improve the balance of water and electrolyte which good for urinate.

Chinese yam

Chinese yam is sweet and flat which has the good effect on invigorating spleen and kidney. So chronic nephrotic syndrome patients can eat more. And it is very suitable to kidney disease patients.

Green asparagus

Green asparagus is cool and sweet which has the effect of deficiency. According to the relevant experts study, green asparagus also has an effective on treating kidney stones.

White fungus

White fungus is light sweet and flat which be called medicinal vegetable. It is a kind of alima which can nourish kidney, lungs, stomach. Tremella polysaccharide contained in white fungus can improve kidney function. So chronic nephritis patients could eat it.

Now, I believe that you have know what vegetables can be eaten by kidney disease patients. If you want to know more information or you have any question on kidney disease, you consult our online doctors or leave your question and contact way below which our doctors will contact you in 24 hours.

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