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Nephrotic Syndrome Symptoms

Is Still a Nephrotic Syndrome’s Relapse When My Urine Says a Trace of Protein

I have had nephrotic sydrome since I was 10. Im now 44. Is still a relapse when my urine says a trace of protein? Besides, I ve gradually got swelling. one patient put forward the question on our Onlin...[Read More]

Nephritic Syndrome: Can Hypertension Get Improve by Toxin-Removing Therapy

Nephritic Syndrome is a syndrome that comprising signs if nephritis, which is kidney disease involving inflammation. When complications occur, cause kidney damages, blood pressure will increase. Can na...[Read More]

Reduce Albumin in Nephritic Syndrome with Natural Treatment

Albumin, also called as protein, when it occur in urine, it means disorder in kidneys, and, it is also a complication of Nephritic Syndrome. What should we do to reduce albumin in nephritic syndrome? I...[Read More]

Reduce Creatinine Level 4.5 in Nephritic Syndrome without Dialysis

In Nephritic Syndrome, patients will suffer from proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, edema, hyperlipidemia. And when it advanced, creatinine level will increase. How to reduce creatinine level 4.5 in Nephrit...[Read More]

Kidney Syndrome and Fever: Which Treatment Can Treat This Condition

Nephrotic Syndrome is a disease that may occur when the filtering units of the kidney are damaged. This damage allows protein normally kept in the plasma to leak into the urine. It can also cause infla...[Read More]

Can Skin Itching Occur in Nephritic Syndrome

Skin itching is an annoyed complication that cause skin disease and then, with the weakness of immune system, it can result in infection which can cause kidney damage and look ugly. Can skin itching oc...[Read More]

Diarrhea in Nephritic Syndrome: What Treatment Can Release It

Diarrhea is a complications that can cause dehydration. It may cause by indigestion, too much fluids, or some other complications. It can also relate to nephritic syndrome. What treatment can we use to...[Read More]

Can Protein Urine in Nephritic Syndrome Get Improved with Toxin-Removing Therapy

Protein urine is a syndrome that hardly is aware unless physical examination. As an important sign of kidney damage, if a treatment can improve the protein urine, it means this treatment can improve th...[Read More]

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