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Nephrotic Syndrome Symptoms

Treatment for Creatinine 2.3 and Swelling in Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome often occurs in young people. If the patient has high creatinine 2.3 and swelling, he or she should take effective treatments to ease these symptoms and stop the progression of their...[Read More]

Painful Feet for Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

It is uncommon that Nephrotic Syndrome patients experience painful feet. If trauma or unhealthy lifestyle is ruled out, this symptom may be related with Nephrotic Syndrome in several aspects. If you or...[Read More]

Causes and Treatment of Tummy Infections for Nephrotic Syndrome

Along with proteinuria, many other health problems may occur. Among them, tummy infections, or belly infections, need to attract Nephrotic Syndrome patients’ highly attention....[Read More]

What Causes Anorexia under Nephrotic Syndrome

Anorexia, or losing appetite, is one common problem in Nephrotic Syndrome, especially among 1~6 year-old children. If left untreated, long-term anorexia can cause malnutrition, slow growth, mental diso...[Read More]

Care Plan in Shortness of Breath for Nephrotic Syndrome

Shortness of breath should be alarming to Nephrotic Syndrome patients, because it may be associated with serious health problem. Today, we are here to introduce some care plan for Nephrotic Syndrome pa...[Read More]

What Are Causes of Leg Cramps for Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephritic Syndrome occurs more commonly in children than in adults, and children usually cant express their feelings as good as adults. Therefore, leg cramps are not like proteinuria and swelling that ...[Read More]

Big Amounts of Protein and Swelling in Face for Nephrotic Syndrome

Big amounts of protein in urine is more than 3.5 g/24h that is one diagnostic criteria of Nephrotic Syndrome. As a lot of protein leaks into urine, swelling is more likely to appear in some regions, an...[Read More]

Shortness of Breath in Patients with Nephrotyic Syndrome

Nephrotic syndrome is a severe condition that is caused by kidney disease, and it can cause many health problems. For patients with nephrotic syndrome, many patients may find they have shortness of bre...[Read More]

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