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Why Does Nephrotic Syndrome Become More Severe With Steroids

Nephrotic Syndrome Become More Severe With SteroidsMost nephrotic syndrome patients are familiar with steroids. Also there are some patients complain their condition relapses frequently and suffer from a series of complications. What is the problem? Why does the condition become more severe with steroid therapy?

The application of glucocorticoid is an indispensable step in steroid therapy for Nephrotic Syndrome. Glucocorticoid can relieve your pain to some extent and improve the therapeutic effect in a short time while it also causes serious complications. Long time of glucocorticoid can result in adrenal cortical atrophy or insufficiency, trigger or worsen nervous system.

Steroid therapy can cause the following side effects:

1. After a long time of glucocorticoid, symptoms can be controlled. In this condition, if you reduce or stop the medicine too quickly, your symptoms will come again. Besides, some new symptoms like myalgia, myotonia and joint pain can occur as well.

2. Glucocorticoid can prevent the growth hormone. If a child takes glucocorticoid for a ling time, it can inhibit the growth of bone and synthesis of protein, affect your development.

3. Glucocorticoid can reduce the body’s ability to defend against disease which increases the risk of infection.

4. Long time of glucocorticoid application can lead to metabolism disorder of water, salt, sugar, protein and fat, and cause hypercortisolism. Its manifestation is calcium absorption disorder, osteoporosis and spontaneous osteoporosis.

Steroid therapy is not a radical cure for renal parenchymal damage. The radical cure for Nephrotic Syndrome should be Chinese medicine treatments which can purify your blood first and improve your kidney function gradually. Chinese medicines are no harm to kidneys, no relapse and fast response. If you have any question, you can leave a message below or email We will reply you as soon as possible.

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