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Patient Story

Our patients are our best advocates. Nothing illustrates who we are better than the inspiring stories of our remarkable patients.

Patient Story helps those dealing with chronic or acute kidney disease by providing stories, information and people's experiences as a resource to view a better future; modify a medical prognosis. We have made it our goal to provide best service and healthcare for every patient. The words of our patients say it best, they are our best advocates.

Through real-life situations, Shijiazhuang Kidney Diseas Hospital in China puts the decision-making power back into the hands of the individual in the way of people helping people. You are encouraged to email and share your own story.

"My dizziness got much better"-Janie Page, Chronic Renal Insufficiency

Janie Page, a mother of three children. She was a nurse in local hospital. Her husband, Timm, is a dentist. They live a happy life until the disease paid the visit. Bad News Janie is a nurse in local more

Keemaya, IgA Nephropathy, India

NAME : Keemaya COUNTRY : India AGE : 12 years old GENDER : Girl DIAGNOSIS : IgA Nephropathy CONDITION BEFORE TREATMENT Keemaya experienced flu half year ago in 2011. She suffered from gross hematuria more

"Chinese Medicine is Really Amazing!", Emma with Nephrotic Syndrome

It was the fall of 2006. Emma Black, a sweet, beautiful girl showed up in Kidney Service China. She had a great big brother who loves her dearly named Ben. Ben took care of his little sister since more

Tera Grand,Diabetic Nephropathy,Papua New Guinea

NAME : Tera Grand COUNTRY :Papua New Guinea AGE :47 years old GENDER :Female DIAGNOSIS : Diabetic Nephropathy; Kidney Failure CONDITION BEFORE TREATMENT Living with diabetes for 12 years, Tera Grand more

Roha Ahmad, Focal Segmental Glomerulonephritis, India

Roha Ahmad, FSGS patient from Indian find his personalized therapy and recovered from his kidney problem. See his story! more

Zaki Ansari, Diabetes, Saudi Arabia

NAME : Zaki Ansari COUNTRY : Saudi Arabia AGE :61 years old GENDER : Male DIAGNOSIS : Type 2 Diabetes, Diabetic Nephropathy, Nephrotic Syndrome, CKD stage 5 (Chronic Renal Failure), Renal Anemia, more

Owen Holmes, Nephrotic Syndrome, Britain

NAME :Owen Holmes COUNTRY :Britain AGE :24years old GENDER :Male DIAGNOSIS : Nephrotic Syndrome, Renal Anemia CONDITION BEFORE TREATMENT Owen sought treatments from hospital because of his swelling more

Rank Steven, Polycystic Kidney Disease, America

NAME :Rank Steven COUNTRY : America AGE :51 years old GENDER :Male DIAGNOSIS : PolycysticKidney Disease(PKD), polycystic liver disease CONDITION BEFORE TREATMENT Rank was found Polycystic Kidney more

John Brennan, Hypertensive Nephropathy, USA

NAME : John Brennan COUNTRY : USA AGE :83 years old GENDER : Male DIAGNOSIS : Hypertensive Nephropathy, CKD-4 stage CONDITION BEFORE TREATMENT I have high blood pressure for years. This is kinda more

Batzori Odgerel, Kidney Failure, Mongolia

NAME :Batzori Odgerel COUNTRY : Mongolia AGE : 54 years old GENDER :Female DIAGNOSIS :Chronic Kidney Failure, Hyperuricemia, High blood pressure, Renal Anemia CONDITION BEFORE TREATMENT Mrs. Odgerel more

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