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How Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Help Patients Treat PKD( Polycystic Kidney Disease)?

How Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Help Patients Treat PKD( Polycystic Kidney Disease)?How micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy help patients treat PKD( Polycystic kidney disease)? PKD patients must want to know that how to shrink their cysts and help them avoid dialysis or transplant. And some patients had heard about that micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy can help patients shrink their cysts. Today we will tell you why micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy so amazing. If you are interested in micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy, you can contact our online doctors or send us an email. Our email address is

Firstly, micro-Chinese medicine can reduce the formation of fluid in cysts so that can reduce the stress on glomerular, kidney tubules and kidney blood vessels, promote the blood circulation in impaired kidney tissues, improve the local hypoxia state and create a condition for kidney repair.

Secondly, the activity of traditional Chinese medicine can block the fibrosis of kidney caused by the stress of cysts. If the impaired kidney become fibrosis, patients’ kidney function would lose. So the key to treat PKD is block the fibrosis, renal hypoxia and vicious circle of kidney damage to ensure that remaining kidneys are no longer oppressed, to protect renal function.

Thirdly, the activity of micro-Chinese medicine can provide the repair material for impaired kidney such as sundry vitamin, trace elements, Organic acids, amino acids and so on to accelerated damaged kidney repair.

Finally, the medicine can into the damaged kidney tissues and help patients activate the DNA in impaired cells and promote its synthesis.

On the current medical level, it is impossible to cleanse the cysts totally. But we can choose the best treatments to decrease cysts and avoid dialysis or transplant.

If you want to know more about this treatments or you have any other questions on kidney disease, please consult our online doctors or leave your contact way below which our doctors will contact you in 24 hours.

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