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Chinese Herbal Medication for Too Much Protein in Urine

Chinese Herbal Medication for Too Much Protein in UrineKidneys are important organs which not only help discharge extra wastes and toxins from the body, but also reserve the essential compounds like protein. Normally, most proteins are too large to pass through the kidneys or glomeruli. When kidneys are damaged, kidneys are unable to maintain protein in blood, then, much protein will leak into urine. We have found natural treatments for massive proteinurine rater than steroids, namely Chinese Herbal Medication.

Signal Chinese herbal medicine

Chinese herbal medication is an important part in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has used for treating many diseases and regulating the body. Nowadays, according to clinical practice, we also find that many herbal medicines have active effect on relieving protein in urine and protecting remaining renal function, such as astragalus, cistanche, rehmannia, goldenrod, stingling nettle, etc. They can be made the herbal soup and patents can take medicines soup by oral. However, in order to safety, you can chat with our online doctor for the best herb for your case.

Systemic and natural Chinese herbal medicine

Unlike oral Chinese medicine, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an external application of Chinese herbal medicines which are more systemic, natural and safe. Through repairing kidney damage and enhancing kidney cells-handling ability, related symptoms can be relieved from the root. To know more details, you can email to us at In addition, Diet Therapy is also a support treatment in Kidney Service. A low protein diet is advised so as to reduce kidneys’ burden. CKD patients with proteinuria are asked to avoid certain high protein foods including milk, chicken, poultry, meat, nuts, dried fruits, soy, cheese, etc. Instead, they are recommended to include a variety of fruits and vegetables in the daily meal. Drinking more water and fresh juices can also be helpful.

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