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Protein in Urine

Foam In Urine What Does That Indicate

Patients with severe kidney damage often have many changes in their urine, and some patients may find there are foams in their urine when they pee. Thereby, many patients may want to know what does tha...[Read More]

Holistic Treatment for Proteinuria in CKD without Dialysis

In the severe cases, the management of proteinuria with CKD involves Dialysis.However, it is not a cure.Many patients are seeking for alternative holistic treatment for proteinuria....[Read More]

Does Proteinuria Mean Kidney Disease

Many patients have been detected with Proteinuria and they are worried about this. Actually, this problem can not be answered one-sided, we should integrate different factors to analyze this issue. ...[Read More]

Proteinuria after Renal Transplant: Causes and Treatment

Proteinuria is highly prevalent after Renal Transplant, occurring in over 45 percent of post-transplant patients per year.let's look at he causes and treatment....[Read More]

Protein in Urine and Kidney Disease

Generally, Protein in Urine may be as an early sign of Kidney Disease. It occurs when protein leak into your urine. Many patients of with proteinuria are always confused about how to treat it....[Read More]

Is Excessive Proteinuria a Symptom of Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis

FSGS damaged the glomerulus and allows protein to leak into the urine. Over time, excessive proteinuria will be caused....[Read More]

Protein in Urine and GFR 28: What Herbs are Good for This

A person with GFR 28 is at Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease. In this advanced stage of renal disease, kidney function has been severely damaged, and excess proteins will get leaked into urine, resulting ...[Read More]

Kidneys Leaking Protein Chinese Herbal Remedy

when the kidneys are diseased, the glomeruli are unable to keep big molecules in the blood, causing excessive protein to leak into the urine. How to solve this problem with Chinese herbal remedy?...[Read More]

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