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Allergic Purpura Renal Failure Diet

Allergic Purpura Renal Failure DietWhen diagnosed with Renal Failure duet to Allergic Purpura, people should make some changed to the daily diet. There is no "one diet fits all" approach for all patients, talk with your physician or our online doctor for a free personalized mean plan.


Healthy kidneys help to remove urea, a waste product of protein digestion, from the blood. In stage of Kidney Failure, eating too much protein will increase the burden of the damaged kidneys and lead to build up of urea within the body. Avoid high-protein foods like milk products, meat, eggs and poultry.


Fluid restriction is necessary to relieve the symptoms like swelling, puffiness, high blood pressure. The intake of water depends on one's kidney function, weight changes and presence of symptoms. Limit the intake of beverages, soup, ice cream, coffee creamer, pudding, yogurt, popsicles, custard and so on.

Potassium and phosphorus

Since the damaged kidneys fail to regulate the potassium and phosphorus levels, Allergic Purpura Renal Failure patients need to cut back on them.

Avoid consumption of high potassium food such as bananas, oranges, chocolate, broccoli, raisins, apricots, cantaloupe, prunes, mushrooms and greens. Alternative low potassium foods include watermelon, carrots, cherries, apples, grapes, cucumbers, pears, etc.

Foods that contact high content of phosphorus include cola drinks, ice cream, beer and nuts; avoid or limit these. Alternatives with lower levels of phosphorus include hard candies, zucchini, sherbet, broccoli, non-dairy milk substitutes and non-cola soft drinks such as lemon lime or orange soda.

Principles of Allergic Purpura Renal Failure diet are listed above. You can also email us at for the best meal plan for your disease.

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