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The Latest Treatment for Purpura Nephritis: "Four Ones" Therapy

The Latest Treatment for Purpura Nephritis: “Four Ones” TherapyPurpura Nephritis is also called HSPN. Although some medicines can help control its symptoms and complications, purpura nephritis may relapse again and again. Thereby, kidney experts creatinine one brand treatment called “Four Ones” Therapy. This is the latest treatment for Purpura Nephritis in 2015.

“Four Ones” Therapy includes: Maikang, oral taking Chinese medicine, external application of Chinese medicine and Foot Bath. Following, we will introduce how these therapies treat purpura nephritis one by one.

1. Maikang

Its main function is to improve the immune system. According to TCM, this Chinese patent drug can strengthen Qi, activate blood circulation and improve the healthy atmosphere and prevent the evil one. This can provide a good basis for the following treatments.

2. Oral taking Chinese medicine

The onset of Purpura Nephritis is due to abnormal immune system and the deposits of immune complexes in kidneys. Oral Chinese medicine can combine, split and dissolve immune complexes, and regulate immune system effectively. Therefore, purpura nephritis can be managed from the root and its relapse can be prevented.

3. External application of Chinese medicine

The external applying methods focus on speeding up the effects of oral taking medicines. They works through activating blood circulation, dredging meridian, dispelling stasis and removing renal toxins. These methods can make patients get obvious therapeutic effects quickly.

4. Foot Bath

Foot bath, its main function is to warm meridians, remove cold, and invigorate the blood and meridians. It will stimulate the kidney meridian and remove toxins in kidney meridians by stimulating the Yongquan acupoint and Taixi acupoint on the Foot-Shaoyin Meridian. Then the kidney vigour would be improved, and the purpura would never relapse.

This therapy is one good choice for patients with purpura nephritis. If you happen to have this disease, you can try it with the help of doctors online.

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