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What Happens If Only 10% of Your Kidneys Are Working

What Happens If Only 10% of Your Kidneys Are Working10% of your kidneys are working that indicates patients’ kidney disease has progressed into end stage kidney failure. As kidneys lose a large part of their function, a series of problems and symptoms appear. In severe cases, some life-threatening complications may even occur.

The problems may happen if you only have 10% kidney function.

1. Swelling

If you haven’t begun dialysis, fluid must have collected in some regions such as legs, hands, feet, ankles and face around eyelids. What’s worse, swelling or edema may even appear in lung that can result in shortness of breath, cough, chest pain and difficult breathing.

2. High blood pressure

The increase of blood pressure also has a close link with the decline of kidney function. Just like swelling, high blood pressure can also be managed through kidney dialysis. Renal hypertension is usually caused by fluid retention, renal ischemia and anoxia and lack of some hormones.

3. Cardiovascular diseases

Kidney Failure is always accompanied by cardiovascular diseases, especially heart failure. Here, we want to emphasize that most kidney failure patients finally die of heart failure rather than kidney problem.

4. Acidosis

Acidosis is resulted from acid-base imbalance, and it happens commonly along with low kidney function level. With this problem, patients may suffer from severe nausea and vomiting.

5. Dangerous creatinine level

10% of kidneys are working that are far from enough to filter out waste products and toxins. As more and more waste products including creatinine build up in the blood, creatinine level will increase to a dangerous level.

All of the above problems along with kidney failure must urge patients to accept some treatments.

So far, several treatment options have been used to manage kidney failure as well as its complications. For example, dialysis and Blood Purification Therapy are used to cleanse the blood and maintain patients’ basic life, while Stem Cell Therapy, Immunotherapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and so on focus on repairing damaged kidney cells and rebuilding kidney structure.

In summary

If you are tested out 10% kidney function, you are recommended to select a helpful treatment option. Anything unclear, you can contact kidney experts here through emailing to

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