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Eating Ice Cream Leads to Kidney Failure

Eating Ice Cream Leads to Kidney Failure

Yes, eating ice cream leads to kidney failure. It is true. Mr. Zheng, comes form Quzhou, China, can not imagine that eating 54 ice creams in a day can lead to renal failure and almost kill him.

Zheng lives in Quzhou, and he has a bad habit, drinking, smoking, stay up late and eating cold food, such as ice cream. It’s normal in his summer. At 15 July, he ate 54 ice cream a night when watch TV, and then, fell a sleep. 16 July, he found something wrong, eating thing will lead vomiting, no matter what he ate. Then, he went to community hospital and diagnosed as enterogastritis. He took transfusion for three days, but at 19 July, he started to Shock and syncope, then, was send to City Hospital for treatment. And in there, he was diagnosed with acute kidney failure.

So, we suggest you not take too much cold food, or cold water.

1. Hurt stomach.

No matter in the view of Chinese Medicine or alimentology, they do not suggest taking too much cold food. When intake cold food, it will stimulate your stomach, cause indigestion, shrink the blood system and lead to Mucosal ischemia, result in gastrointestinal disorders.

2. Cause cardiac diseases.

Summer is hot, and our metabolism and blood circulation is fast. When taking cold food, it will cause blood vessel shrink and lead to heart disease, brain spend more oxygen, blood pressure fluctuate. It can also lead the potential blood or cardiac disease break out.

3. Irritate throat.

Eating cold food can irritate your throat and cause blood vessel shrink, blood fluids reduce and part immune system decrease. This will lead to the upper respiratory throat inflammation or cause pharyngitis relapse.

4. Cause headache.

Cold food can stimulate the oral mucosa and cause head and face muscle and blood shrink, then, lead an artery convulsion, this will lead to headache.

Proper amount intake of cold food or ice cream can cool us down, but over eat is not good.

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