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Dietary Suggestion for Kidney Failure Patients During Dialysis

Dietary Suggestion for Kidney Failure Patients During DialysisDuring the long time of dialysis, due to remaining toxins accumulation in your body, kidney patients will have bloated stomach, nausea, vomiting, poor appetite and other digestive tract symptoms so patients will eat less. Dialysis also will make some nutrients loss. Therefore, dialysis patients are easy to get malnutrition like protein insufficiency.

Malnutrition tends to cause various complications like infection, low blood pressure, refractor swelling, anemia and so on. Besides, improper diet will cause fluid retention and hyperkalemia. In severe condition, diet plays an important role in dialysis patients.

General diet principle for kidney dialysis patients includes:

Enough calorie intake

Enough protein intake

Limit fluid and salt intake

Restrict phosphorus intake

1. Restrict potassium intake

This is for patients with few times of dialysis. These patients need to limit potassium intake strictly like bananas and pears.

2. Control the intake of cholesterol and fat

Fat intake should be limited to 1.3g to 1.7g. Eat less animal fat.

3. Limit salt intake

Salt intake will cause increased body weight, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and swelling during dialysis. Therefore, salt intake should be limited. Foods with rich salt include canned foods, processed foods.

4. Supplement protein and calories

During dialysis, patients will lose lots of amino acids and protein. You should supplement them timely. Protein should be high quality like eggs, lean meat and fish. Had better not choose plant protein such as beans and bean products. Because plant protein does not contain amino acids. When eating plant protein, it will burden your kidneys.

5. Consume vitamins

During dialysis, kidney patients lose lots of vitamins like vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and folic acids.

6. Consume calcium, zinc, iron and other minerals

After dialysis, kidney patients should take calcium, zinc, iron and other minerals from milk, kelp, black fungus, egg and shrimps.

The above are some diet tips for you. Any question, you can email We will reply you as soon as possible.

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