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Renal Failure Symptoms

Kidney Failure Rash: How to Manage It

Kidney Failure is one irreversible kidney dysfunction that can damage many other organs and systems besides kidneys. Kidney Failure rash may easily occur before or even after dialysis treatments. Since...[Read More]

Does Proteinuria Lead to Renal Failure

As introduced by nephrologists, proteinuria is one factor that can accelerate the progress of kidney disease developing into Renal Failure, even though it may be unable to cause kidney failure directly...[Read More]

Is Stomach Bloating A Sign of Kidney Failure

Is stomach bloating a sign of Kidney Failure? Not all Kidney Failure patients have bloated stomach, but once it occurs, stomach bloating may reveal some underlying problems. Is stomach bloated related ...[Read More]

Why Kidney Failure Patients Feel Drowsy

Why Kidney Failure patients feel drowsy? A lot of renal failure patients complain of weakness and drowsiness that must make them fail to concentrate on anything. Only if these patients find out the und...[Read More]

Causes and Treatments of Joint Pain in Kidney Failure

For kidney failure patients, some of them may be plagued by joint pain. As it will bring patients with much inconvenience, it is necessary to take effective treatments as early as possible. Before intr...[Read More]

Headache and Blurry Vision for Kidney Failure Patients

Kidney Failure is one condition in which kidneys are functioning less than 15% or even 10%. In this case, failed kidneys will cause various problems and symptoms. Headache and blurry vision are usually...[Read More]

Kidney Failure: Serum Creatinine Level 8 After Dialysis

Q: My father has been on dialysis for 4 years. He has Kidney Failure. And after dialysis, his creatinine level lowered down to 8 from 13. But he still has some sufferings, such as breathlessness, weakn...[Read More]

How to Ease Skin Itching for Kidney Failure Patients

Skin Itching is a common symptom for Kidney Failure Patients. Skin itching may make patients with kidney failure very annoyed, because it may affect their normal life. Are you suffering the pain of ski...[Read More]

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