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Renal Failure Symptoms

Top 5 Symptoms of Stage 5 Kidney Failure

Stage 5 Kidney Failure is the end stage kidney disease in which kidneys are functioning less than 15%. Since kidneys fail to cleanse the blood and maintain the stable internal environment, a series of ...[Read More]

How to Deal with Water Retention for Kidney Failure Patients

As its name indicates, water retention indicates extra water or fluid collects in the body. Kidney Failure is the end stage kidney disease, and it is always signed by water retention or swelling. If th...[Read More]

What Can I Do about My Hand Tremors with Kidney Failure

When kidney disease aggravates into kidney failure, the internal environment disorder will induce a series of problems including hand tremors. If you have hand tremors, what you can do to manage this p...[Read More]

Renal Failure and Hallucinations: Causes and Treatments

Patients with end stage renal failure may suffer from many types of hallucination which may include hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, and so on. This makes it difficult for kidney failure patients to...[Read More]

Is Jaundice Associated with Kidney Failure

Jaundice is one disorder that causes persons skin and the white part of eyes to become noticeably yellow. This disease is commonly resulted from liver disease, but some kidney failure patients also exp...[Read More]

How Does Metallic Taste Appear in Renal Failure

In end stage, kidneys nearly lose all of their ability to filter blood and keep the internal environment stable. Accordingly, a series of health problems and discomforts appear, and metallic taste in t...[Read More]

Why Do Kidney Failure Patients Experience Severe Pain

Kidney Failure is one complicated disease, because it can affect a lot of systems and organs in the body. Some kidney failure patients complain of severe pain like headache, leg pain, back pain, and so...[Read More]

How Will Other Body Systems Be Affected If Kidneys Shut Down

As kidneys shut down, a series of symptoms and metabolic disorders will appear. This is because damaged kidneys fail to regulate the inner body system correctly, and then various body systems are affec...[Read More]

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