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Renal Failure Symptoms

Why Do Kidney Failure Patients Have Congestion in The Chest

Congestion in the chest or lung often occurs among Kidney Failure patients, even though patients have begun dialysis. This symptom is often accompanied by shortness of breath. How does failed kidney ca...[Read More]

Blisters on Feet with Kidney Failure

Blisters on feet are caused by extra fluid depositing in the feet . This fluid retention is called swelling or edema. Generally, blisters on feet indicate severe swelling, while kidneys are responsible...[Read More]

Hypoglycemia and Chronic Kidney Failure

Fasting blood glucose (FBG) below 70mg/dl is considered hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. If this happens in chronic kidney failure patients, it must reveal some underlying disorders like overmedication...[Read More]

How Does Renal Failure Cause Epistaxis

Blood circulation disorders for renal failure patients mainly present renal anemia and bleeding tendency. Epistaxis or nose bleeding is just one sign of renal failure or uremia. How does kidney failure...[Read More]

Are Low Grade Fever and Frequent Urination Signs of Renal Failure

Kidney is one important part of urinary tract infection, and it is responsible for producing urine. Frequent urination especially at night is indeed one typical sign of kidney failure, and low-grade fe...[Read More]

What Happens When Kidney Failure Patients Don’t Have Bowel Movement

Kidney Failure is one serious condition that can cause a variety of problems, and gastrointestinal disorder is one common renal failure complication. Well then, what happens when kidney failure patient...[Read More]

Advice on Chronic Diarrhea for Kidney Failure Patients

In Kidney Failure, kidneys are functioning less than 15%. As kidneys are excretory organs, both failed kidneys can induce gastrointestinal disorders like chronic diarrhea. Long-term diarrhea will cause...[Read More]

Is Swollen Eyelids A Symptom of Failing Kidney

When kidneys fail to work normally, fluid is more likely to collect in the body and some people find they have swollen eyelids. Is it a symptom of failing kidney?...[Read More]

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