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Stage 3 CKD Diet

Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease Diet, Nutrition and Recipes

In Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease, patients can still live with their own kidneys, so their diet, nutrition and recipe goals are to help protect patients' remaining kidney function and improve their overall health condition...[Read More]

Is It Safe to Drink Coconut Milk with Stage 3 CKD

Different from healthy peoples daily diet, a person with Stage 3 CKD has many dietary restrictions due to moderate kidney damage. There is a concerned question among patients: is it safe to drink cocon...[Read More]

How Much Potassium Should Stage 3 CKD Patients Eat Daily

Having a proper potassium intake is very important thing for patients with Stage 3 CKD. This is because their kidney cannot function well to remove excessive electrolytes efficiently from their blood. ...[Read More]

Is Ginseng Root Bad for Your Kidneys If You Have 30% Kidney Function

A person with 30% kidney function means that the patient has been in Stage 3B CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease). In the stage, kidney has been damaged moderately. In order to protect residual renal function...[Read More]

Example Meal Plan for Stage 3A CKD

Stage 3A CKD is one of critical periods to take timely measures to stop progression of illness condition. Most patients are concern more about renal diet in the stage. Now, you will see the example mea...[Read More]

Recommended Diet and Exercise in Stage 3 Kidney Failure

A person with Stage 3 Kidney Failure are usually reminded to pay highly attention to their daily diet and lifestyles, so as to slow down the progression of illness conditions. It is very luck if you ca...[Read More]

Can Stage 3 CKD Patients Eat Garlic

Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease is the moderate stage of kidney disease. Garlic is one common condiment to flavor many dishes. However, garlic is one spicy foods, so patients with Stage 3 CKD should pay...[Read More]

Diet Control for Stage 3 Renal Failure Patients

For patients with Stage 3 Renal Failure, a healthy diet plan plays an important role. This is because Food Therapy can help manage kidney-related complications and slow down the progression of chronic ...[Read More]

Can Stage 3 Kidney Disease Patients Eat Whey Protein

Whey protein is the King of protein, and it extracts from milk. Patients with Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease are suggested to choose high-quality protein. Is whey protein a good choice for these patien...[Read More]

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