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Stage 4 CKD Prognosis and Life Expectancy

Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease Life Expectancy and Prognosis

If uncontrolled effectively, Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease may progress into end stage quickly. Then, patients may have to begin dialysis or kidney transplant. Therefore, patients...[Read More]

Release Symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 4

Symptoms of chronic kidney disease stage 4 include a lot, such as nausea, vomiting, skin itching and etc. Patients in this stage will suffer a lot. Is there a method can release the symptoms? When we t...[Read More]

How to improve kidney function in Chronic kidney failure stage

To improve kidney function , we have to know what cause the decrease of kidney function. we all know the kidney disease is one reason, but what is the root causes? Actually, the root cause of chronic k...[Read More]

Will Stage 5 CKD Surely Come From Stage 4

As you know, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is divided into five stages in clinic. Will Stage 5 CKD surely come from Stage 4 CKD? In other word, what is the prognosis and life expectancy of CKD Stage 4? ...[Read More]

How Much Life Span Will Be for Stage 4 CKD

Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease often occurs with a series of symptoms and complications. Some of them may make patients worry about their life span, and these patients begin to ask how much life expect...[Read More]

How Long Does It Take for A Person with GFR 29 to Go into Stage 5

Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) can divide chronic kidney disease into five stages. GFR 29 indicates Stage 4 CKD. In this condition, patients must concern stage 5. How long does it take for a person w...[Read More]

How Can I Keep Stage 4 CKD to Avoid Dialysis

We know it is scary to be diagnosed with Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease, but if patients take effective treatments timely, they can still avoid dialysis successfully. How can they stay in Stage 4 CKD a...[Read More]

How Bad Is Atrophy of The Left Kidney

As the incidence of kidney shrinkage increases, more and more patients complain renal atrophy. If people are only found atrophy of the left kidney, patients may be worried about some bad complications....[Read More]

What Is The Recovery Chance of Kidney Disease in Stage 4

If progressing continuously, Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease will develop into end stage where patients may be faced by many dangerous problems. So, the recovery chance of kidney disease at stage 4 attr...[Read More]

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