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Kidney Disease: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Ketosteril

Ketosteril is a common medicine for various kidney problems. It helps relieve your symptoms while takes side effects at the same time. Read on and find the advantages and disadvantages on kidney disease patients. Advantages Ketosteril along...

Is There Any Treatment to Kidney Shrinkage without Dialysis

Q: My sister have kidney problem her kidney is already shrunk. Her name is Fatima and she is 47 yrs.old. Her kidney size is about 6.5cm. She has already been on dialysis. However, she wanted to stop dialysis. Is there any treatment to kidne...

CKD Stage 4: Treatment to Improve Kidney Function with 25% Left

CKD stage 4 is an advanced condition in which the kidney function ranges from 16%~30%. If you have 25% kidney function left, treatment is urgent. When the kidney function is less than 15%, patients have to start dialysis. For this condition...

CKD: Top 7 Adverse Side Effects of Steroids Therapy

Chronic kidney disease refers to a medical condition in which kidneys are damaged for years. Steroids are common treatment for CKD. Read on and find the top 7 side effects of steroids therapy. Bone loss and vertebral compression fracture Bo...

Hot Topic ﹠ FAQs on Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant offers the receipient a chance to live a better and longer life. Knowing the transpalnt info clearly helps improve the outcome. Here are hot topics ﹠ FAQs on kidney transplant for your information. Will My Kidney Disease...

Kidney Disease: What is Alternative Medicine to Ketosteril in Saudia

Ketosteril may be suggested to Chronic Kidney Disease patients, especially when their creatinine level increase rapidly. It helps reduce high creatinine levels, but it also leads to adverse effects. Is there any alternative medicine to keto...

Can Stage 4 CKD Be Reversed

In stage 4 CKD, the kidneys are damaged seriously and are less efficient to remove toxins and wastes. If the condition keeps progressing, dialysis will be required soon. Can stage 4 CKD be reversed?...

Treatment for Fluctuating Blood Pressure in CKD

High blood pressure is a common symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease. And fluctuating is not strange for patients. This articles talks about several treatments for this symptoms. Irrational medicine Diuretic is a common medicine for lowering...