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Type1 Diabetes,4 Year Old Boy,19+ Blood Sugar Level,Normal HbA1C

Q: 4 year old son diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in July this year. No history of diabetes in family. Early mild symptoms preceded shock [19+ blood sugar] only ~3 weeks [very sudden]. Reasonably stable with insulin ~ 12 unit/day. Will put o...

Treatment for Chronic Nephritis, Fluctuating Blood Sugar Level, Diabetes

Q: I suffered from Chronic nephritis and I am a diabetes. Regarding my diabetes, I suspect that I had contracted it earlier than year 2006 without my being aware of it.It was only diagnosed in 2006 when various challenges confronted me and...

How to Prevent Diabetes and Its Complications

Having Diabetes puts somebody at increased high risk for developing heart disease, stroke, nerve problem, eye disease, foot disease and Renal Failure. People with Diabetes can lower the risk of suffering from those serious complications by...

Diabetes: Symptoms and Complications

Diabetes can affect various system and organs of body. It shows various symptoms and complications. Read on and find the most common complications and symptoms in diabetes. If you have other symptoms, please feel free talk with our online s...

Is There Any connection Between Diabetes and Sweet Taste in Mouth

I have received a email from a diabetes people who said she always felt sweet taste in mouth even in the morning or after a nap. But she actually ate nothing sweet. This confused her very much. And she left me a question: is there any conne...

Sleep Problems in Type 2 Diabetes

Sleep problems are commonly seen in type 2 diabetes like difficulty failing asleep or staying asleep. But some patients may get too much sleep. Sleep problems in type 2 diabetes are mainly due to the following factors:...

Why Do People with Diabetes Have Proteinuria

Proteinuria often occurs among people with diabetes.When this condition occurs, it may indicate that your kidneys are damaged and they are not properly filtering your blood....

High Creatinine Level and Diabetes

Diabetes is the leading primary disease for kidney problem and high creatinine level is always an indicator of kidney disease. If you happen to be a person with diabetes, high creatinine levels may tell you that your kidneys are affected. D...