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Is It Alarming to Have Trace Albumin in Urine for Diabetics

I have had diabetes for 6 years, and results of my recent urinalysis shows I have trace albumin in urine. I want to detect whether it is alarming....

Chocolate Pudding for Patients with Diabetes and Dialysis

Chocolate pudding is one common snack in our daily life, and many people love it very much. For patients with diabetes and dialysis, can they still eat chocolate pudding freely? Do you know the answer? The answer may make you disappointed....

Diabetes: Creatinine Level 3.0, Blood Urea Level 90+, Indian Food

I’m a diabetic & is under insulin. My creatinine level is 3 & blood urea is 90+, Can I have curry--As this is my favorite Indian food? What treatment can be available for me?...

Diabetes: Blood Sugar Level Ranges from 78~100

I am a diabetic and wants to talk about my Blood Sugar Problem. I went for Taste Yesterday and it is Improving very well As of yesterday is 78 some time s it goes up like 98- 100 in fact it is improving well....

Precaution and Chinese Medicine for Diabetes with Fasting 126

2 months before, I was checked my blood sugar in fasting in laboratory and my blood sugar in fasting is 121 mg. Doctor advised to take more precaution in this condition what i will take in your opinion?...

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Creatinine 3.0, 68 Years Old

My father, 68 years old, is suffering from Diabetes Mellitus type 2, but his blood sugar level post food is 170 mg, whereas, his blood urea is 70 and creatinine level is 3.0....

Diabetes 20 Years, haemoglobin9.7, Sodium126, GFR29.6, Serum Creatinine 2.4

I am Varadharajan, from India. I had Diabetes for 20 years. And here is the recent medical report from my doctor. Can you tell what does these mean? Thank you. (haemoglobin9.7, sodium126, gfr29.6, Serum Creatinine 2.4)...

Mostly Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) on Diabetes

Diabetes is a health problem in which blood sugar levels are high than the normal range. Read on and find the top FAQs on diabetes. What is blood sugar? Blood sugar, also called blood glucose, is the energy source for not only cells, tissue...