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Cyst in Transplanted Kidney

Even after transplant, it doesnt mean you can live a normal life without any risk about kidney health. Actually, the recipients are more likely to develop cyst in transplanted kidney than others. What causes the cyst in transplanted kidney?...

Cortical Cyst on Left Kidney Treatment and Symptoms

The incidence of Kidney Cortical Cyst increases with the age development. Without timely control, cortical cyst may enlarge quickly and spread from left kidney to the right one. For the treatment of cortical kidney cyst, a surgical process...

How to Control Kidney Cyst Naturally

Kidney cyst differs in size and severity. Normally, the people who have kidney cyst family history will have a greater chance to get affected. Also, people with over 50 years old are a major candidate to kidney cyst. How to control kidney c...

Natural External Treatment for Kidney Cyst

Chemical drugs and surgeries can be the treatment options of kidney cyst. However, if you are finding the safest alternative, the natural external treatment will always be the recommendation. Natural treatments for kidney cyst may include A...

What Is The Best Way to Treat Small Cyst in Kidney

Small cysts in kidney usually cause no outstanding symptoms. Usually, the small cyst in kidney is found during an image test, such as ultrasounds or CT, for another reason. What is the best way to treat small cyst in kidney? There are sever...

Complex Kidney Cysts And Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Complex Kidney Cysts, as its name implies, are more complicated that average cysts on kidneys. Well control helps prevent kidney damages and protect remaining kidney functions. For the complex kidney cysts, we adopt the Traditional Chinese...

Treatment for Complex Cyst on Both Kidneys: Surgery or Herbs

I get a call from a guy who suffered from complex cyst on both kidneys. He took the surgery to remove the cysts in the year 2009. However, the result is not so good. Now he always feels pain, and swelling in the kidney area. So he wants to...

Non-Surgery Treatment for 6cm Cyst on Kidney

Surgery may be recommended when cyst on kidneys are larger than 3 cm, or it causes severe symptoms or pains. However, not all cases requires surgery or not all patients like surgeries. Read on and find the natural treatment to remove 6cm cy...