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Acupuncture for Kidney Failure

Acupuncture, as a classical form of Traditional Chinese Medicine, helps alleviate various diseases and complications. It is also applied in Kidney Failure recovery and helps reduce the kidney inflammation and alleviate various symptoms. In...

Indications of Dialysis

Dialysis is used for some medical conditions, such as Kidney Failure or Chronic Kidney Disease. Whether you need dialysis or not, it depends on your own conditions. Read on and find indications for dialysis. First all of all, we are glad to...

Surgery Risks for Chronic Kidney Failure

If you happen to be a patients with chronic kidney failure, you may hear about or experience surgery. As a special group, they have to carry many risks of surgery. Therefore, it is extremely important for the doctors to do preoperative evalu...

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for Chronic Kidney Failure

In treating chronic kidney failure, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmmotherapy seems a promising medical method. This is a systematic treatment, and this article will explain how these two therapies help with promoting kidney condition. Micro-Chin...

Renal Failure: Top Truth About Restoring Your Kidneys

Kidney Failure is a complex kidney disease, which hardly is reversed. But some ways helps restoring kidneys. Here are top truth about it for your information. - Choose a fine dialysis membrane . Get yourself a fine dialysis membrane to redu...

Kidney Failure: Why My Weight Loses After Peritoneal Dialysis

Weight loss or gain is not rare in everyones life. So do dialysis patients. Weight loss is surely a good news for girls, but it seems not in people who are on peritoneal dialysis. Why my weight loses after dialysis? Read on and find the ans...

Kidney Failure: Creatinine Level Increases Again after Kidney Transplant

High Creatinine Level is common clinical symptoms in Kidney Failure patients. But, what causes creatinine level increases again after kidney transplant ? And in most of kidney failure cases, the creatinine level started to increase slowly f...

Kidney Failure and Surgery Risks

Surgery is one of the choices in kidney failure, especially in the case of Kidney Cyst, polycystic kidney disease, diabetes etc. You are suggested to know clearly about the surgery risks before you take the treatment. What are the surgery r...