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How to Take away Headaches Caused by Kidney Failure Dialysis

My husband has Kidney Failure and he was on Dialysis 3 times per week. He gets very bad headaches and at times he cannot sleep. Can you give me advice to help him?...

Bocas Nancoo, Kidney Failure, Trinidad and Tobago

I am a Kidney Failure patient. I was on hemodialysis three times per week before. But now twice per week. ...

Alternative Remedy for Kidney Failure aside from Dialysis or Transplant

I'm 26, I got Stage 5 Kidney Failure with eGFR 6%. My creatinine is 770. Is there any hope any alternative besides Dialysis or Kidney Transplant? Thanks so much!...

Kidney Failure for 15 Years and High Creatinine Level 370

I have some questions about my father conditions. May u help me? He was suffering of Renal failure for more than 15 years. His creatinine level is as high as 370umol/dl....

Coffee and Kidney Failure

Foods can break up and produce many waste products in body and the waste should be removed by kidneys. When you are diagnosed with kidney failure, you are suggested to care more for your diet choice. Can you drink coffee with kidney failure...

Is There Any Way to Get Rid of Dialysis for Kidney Function 9%

what is the latest possible treatment for chronic kidney failure is there any way o get rid of dialysis? I am on dialysis,had a transplant year back. But it failed just after a month. Is there any possible way or any latest treatment for end stage Kidney Failure to recover own kidney back? My urine output is Good. And I have a dialysis every 4 days. ...

Kidney Failure and Dialysis: Head, Eyes, Ears Problem

Kidney Failure.... while am doing treatment. My head, eyes, ears, hurt and I get dizziness. To the point were I end treatment early it becomes unbearable... I been doing dialysis for 11 months now and I need some answer.... please please. He...

Is There Any Other Way to Avoid Biopsy for Kidney Failure?

My step father has recently suffered a stoke and his kidneys are functioning at a poor level. He had one kidney biopsy that was unsucessful the tissues they pulled did not provide answers they were unusable. They want to do the biopsy again ...