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Kidney Failure Creatinine 14 on Dialysis: Can I Avoid Transplant

I have been diagnosed with Kidney Failure and creatinine 14. Now I am undergoing dialysis three time per week. Doctor is suggesting go for kidney transplant. Can I avoid it?...

Alternative Remedy for Kidney Failure aside from Dialysis or Transplant

I'm 26, I got Stage 5 Kidney Failure with eGFR 6%. My creatinine is 770. Is there any hope any alternative besides Dialysis or Kidney Transplant? Thanks so much!...

Can ESRD be Reversed After Kidney Transplant

My wife aged 38 had kidney transplant 8 years ago, now the creatine level has increased to 3.5. Can this be reversed? She was diagnosed ESRD_CGN 8 years ago & her father donated kidney which was working properly since last month. Now in routine treatment, kidney transplant may be possible. Can ESRD be Reversed After Kidney Transplant?...

Is There Any Treatment Alternative to Kidney Transplant

There are many Kidney Disease patients are seeking other alternative treatment to avoid kidney transplant. Some of them cannot afford the transplantation, some of them cannot find the matchable kidney while they have no enough time to wait....

Donate Blood and Kidney Transplant

I have a transplanted kidney, since last year. And I want to know whether it is okay for me to make blood donation?...

Treatment for FSGS After Kidney Transplant

I am a FSGS patient and my kidney disease comes back after kidney transplant. If the Chinese treatment does help me, what happens? do I still need a transplant? Do my native kidneys start working again?...

Why Transplant Receiver Need Standard BMI

My sister has been on dialysis for 5 years and waiting for kidney transplant for 3 years, but she is on hold because the transplant center refuse to give her a transplant until she is on a qualified on a certain BMI. Can anybody tell me why transplant receiver need stand BMI?...

Pregnancy After Kidney Transplant

Hey! My name is Focia. I had a kidney transplant 5 years ago. I plan to have a baby this year and want to know info about pregnancy in my case. Please give me some advices....