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Diabetes, Lupus with Swollen Legs: Chinese Medicine Treatment

My mom has had Diabetes and Lupus for a very long time and at this point she always have swollen legs.Can Chinese medicine treatment help eliminate the swelling on her legs? ...

Any Cure for Lupus Nephritis Other than Conventional Medications

Conventional medications used to treat Lupus Nephritis are immunosuppressive medicine and steroids.Is there any alternative cure for Lupus and kidney disease? ...

Is Stage IV Lupus Nephritis Reversible with Chinese Herbal Medicine

Stage IV Lupus Nephritis is a severe condition in which over 50% of glomeruli are affected.Is there any other treatment that can help reverse Stage IV Lupus Nephritis? ...

Lupus Nephritis with GFR 18, Creatinine 368: How to Avoid Dialysis

A person with Lupus Nephritis and GFR 18, creatinine 368 is in serious condition. But if treated promptly, kidney function can be improved and Dialysis can be avoided....

Treating Stage 3 Lupus Nephritis Naturally

I am 43 and was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 Lupus Nephritis. Now I am in the dark. Can you help me with suggestions on natural treatment?...

Natural Treatment to Lower Creatinine in Lupus Nephritis Stage IV

Delay in treatment for high creatinine may lead to irreversible scarring and permanent loss of function. What is the best natural treatment to lower creatinine in Lupus Nephritis Stage IV?...

Plasma Exchange Reverses Liver Disease in Lupus Nephritis

Lupus, or SLE, is known as a chronic inflammation condition, which can spread in the whole body system and different organs. It can affect kidneys and cause lupus nephritis. Liver disease is a common complication of lupus. Plasma exchange i...

Hawthorn for Lupus Nephritis

Hawthorn is a sour and sweet fruit. And when it is dried, hawthorn can work as herb to cure disease. If you happen to be a person with lupus nephritis, hawthorn may help to prevent the complications and alleviate some symptoms. How does haw...

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