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How Long Can Patients Live After Kidney Transplant

All Kidney Failure patients hope to regain a brand new life and get rid of their kidney disease forever after kidney transplant, but transplanted kidneys have life expectancy that may disappoint these patients. Well then, how long can patie...

Creatinine 16 and Urea 400: Is Chinese Osmotherapy Helpful

If patients have kidney problem, creatinine 16 and urea 400 are likely to indicate patients kidney disease has progressed into Kidney Failure. Chinese Osmotherapy has been used maturely to treat various kidney diseases. Is this therapy help...

Is Lupus Nephritis Curable

Is Lupus Nephritis curable? Or, is Lupus Nephritis reversible? Owing to SLE, Lupus Nephritis is characterized by many symptoms and problems including skin rash, joint pain, proteinuria, swelling, etc. Compared with other kidney disorder, Lu...

How to Lower High Creatinine

For patients with kidney disease, a problem they have to deal with is high creatinine, which is an important reflection of patients kidney function. Besides, when patients high creatinine is caused by kidney damage, that means patients cond...

How to Improve Kidney Function for Chronic Kidney Failure

Kidney is one main organ in human body, and it plays an important role. For example, it can generate the urine and discharge metabolites from the body. It can also regulate water and electrolyte balance and maintain acid and alkaline balanc...

Chinese Medicine to Restore Kidney Function

It is time to restore kidney function when kidneys are working not so efficiently. Compared with western medicine, Chinese medicine, or herbal medicine, has more superiority on prompting the restoration of damaged cells as well as kidney ce...

What Does 178 Blood Urea Indicate

What does 178 blood urea mean? Blood urea is another blood test item used commonly to reflect how well kidneys are functioning. If you happen to be tested out urea 178, you must want to its meaning and managements. What is blood urea? In cl...

How to Overcome Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure is one condition in which nearly all of kidney functioning tissues are lost. In this condition, patients need to take some therapies for maintaining their basic life. Well then, how to overcome kidney failure? What causes kid...