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Can PKD Bring on Arthritis Symptoms

Polycystic Kidney Disease is an inherited disorder than affects the kidneys.Can PKD bring on arthritis symptoms? ...

Top 4 Risks Require PKD Awareness Improvement

Polycystic Kidney Disease is known as genetic kidney damage, which progresses slowly in most cases. However, you need improve PKD awareness, if you have PKD family history, for it is more than a simple kidney damages, but a life threatening...

Top 10 Facts About Polycystic Kidney Disease in America

Polycystic kidney disease is one of the most common life-threatening genetic diseases, which runs and spread in families. Here are the top 10 facts about polycystic kidney disease. ●More than 600,000 Americans and 12.5 million newborns, c...

Is Polycystic Kidney Disease Life-Threatening

Is polycystic kidney disease life-threatening? I am afraid I have to say yes. However, it is not now. Polycystic kidney disease will become a life-threatening disease when it develops into advanced stage, such as Kidney Failure or ESRD (End...

Top5 Ways to Prevent Polycystic Kidney Disease

It is possible to prevent polycystic kidney disease? For Some factors, you cannot control, but for some others, you can! Read the top 5 ways to prevent polycystic kidney disease. PKD is an inherited disease and is not preventable. If you ha...

Polycystic Kidney Disease Stages

The common used stage of kidney disease is called CKD stages. Actually, for people with polycystic kidney disease, there is a specific stages for your information. Knowing enough info of PKD stages may help doctors and patients to avoid the...

Polycystic Kidney Disease Prognosis

Polycystic kidney disease get worse slowly. Its prognosis varies from condition to condition. As time goes, it may lead to end stage of kidney disease eventually. During the period, it may be also associated with liver disease and heart pro...

What is A Person's Life Expectancy with PKD

Polycystic kidney disease is a kidney diseases resulting from family gens. Once the disease is diagnosed, no cure to change the genes. And it surely affects a persons life expectancy with PKD, but not immediately. PKD runs in family and aff...