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Can Chinese Osmotherapy Really Heal Renal Failure

We know it is quite difficult for Renal Failure patients to make a decision to try a new therapy without detailed understanding. However, nothing is more important than your health, right? With tested again and again, Chinese Osmotherapy is...

How to Slow Down the Progress of Stage 4 Kidney Failure

How to slow down the progression of Stage 4 Kidney Failure? In this stage, about 85%~70% of kidney function is lost, so kidneys cant do their work normally. If progressing continuously, chronic kidney failure will aggravate into Stage 5 or...

Headache and Blurry Vision for Kidney Failure Patients

Kidney Failure is one condition in which kidneys are functioning less than 15% or even 10%. In this case, failed kidneys will cause various problems and symptoms. Headache and blurry vision are usually severe signs of Kidney Failure. Find o...

How to Lower Creatinine 5.6 in Kidney Failure Due to Diabetic Nephropathy

Diabetic nephropathy, a serious complication of long-term diabetes. Under ceratin circumstances, it will develop into kidney failure eventually. Here, we will introduce how to lower creatinine 5.6 in kidney failure due to diabetic nephropat...

Urea 180, Creatinine 7.2 and Uric Acid 6.4: What Is The Treatment

I am 54 years old with heamoglobin 7.4 g/dl, urea 180 mg/dl, creatinine 7.2 mg/dl and uric acid 6.4 mg/dl. I have no diabetes but hypertension for 10 years. Is there a need of dialysis for me? What is the treatment?...

Where to Get Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

My father has end stage kidney failure, but he doesn’t begin dialysis. We have heard Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy from one of our relative. We want to know where to get this therapy....

What are Chances of Avoiding Dialysis or Renal Failure with GFR 16

My father have Stage 4 CKD. Both of his kidneys have 16% working. Does it mean he have to go an Dialysis? Is there any alternative way we could treat him?...

Drugs Contraindicated in Renal Failure

I am newly diagnosed with Renal Failure. Can you guide me what drugs contraindicated for my problem?...