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Can Stem Cell Treatment Help You Avoid Dialysis

The strict dialysis schedule and side effects make many renal failure patients want to avoid dialysis. Stem Cell Therapy is used in kidney failure treatment. Can It help get rid of dialysis?...

Stem Cell Therapy for Kidney Dialysis Patient

Kidney dialysis isnt needed unless patients kidney failure has progressed into end stage. Because it isnt easy to live, some patients try to find an alternative therapy. Stem Cell Therapy is used in some countries to help patients stop dial...

What Is the Solution for Stage 5 CKD with Creatinine 4.6

Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease can cause serum creatinine level to increase a lot. Creatinine 4.6 is fairly higher than the normal. If progressing continuously, patients have to accept kidney transplant or dialysis eventually. In order to m...

Could Stem Cell Therapy Help Cure Dialysis Patients

Once kidney patients have to live with dialysis, their biggest hope must be stopping dialysis. Will Stem Cell Therapy help realize their desire? Can this therapy cure dialysis patients?...

How to Control Creatinine in Kidney Failure

In most areas, high creatinine level is always the biggest concern for Kidney Failure patients, because they believe creatinine level reflects their kidney condition credibly. Therefore, kidney failure patients try their best to control the...

How to Alleviate Hiccup for Peritoneal Dialysis

Hiccup is one common phenomenon for healthy people, so peritoneal dialysis patients dont need to worry unless they have too frequent hiccups. For patients with frequent hiccups, we give out several methods to alleviate them. The managements...

What Antibiotics Contraindicated In Renal Failure

Some antibiotics are safe for Kidney Failure patients, while some others are unsafe. What antibiotics are contraindicated for Renal Failure patients?...

How to Overcome Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure is one condition in which nearly all of kidney functioning tissues are lost. In this condition, patients need to take some therapies for maintaining their basic life. Well then, how to overcome kidney failure? What causes kid...